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Centre for Organizational Excellence
8 Elfort Road
 N5 1AZ
Tel: +44(0)208 815 5700

    Our Team

    With 20 years experience, the Centre for Organizational Excellence (CorEx) is a trusted partner of organisations committed to developing the skills and capabilities of managers and leaders.

    Our approach is that people develop in a variety of ways, and we work with organisations to determine which channels will have the greatest impact.

    Under the direction of our Academic Director Dr Robert Rosenfeld we work closely with a select group of specialist partners, and offer our clients access to a range of new technologies, media, associate educators, and complementary learning and development methods.


    Dr Robert Rosenfeld
    Stuart Chambers
    Morven McLean
    Alan Parkinson


    Design: Phil Adams, Hagar Lee
    Online: Bryony Cole
    Content: Laura Ferguson, Susan Gault
    Project Management: Suzanne Rozario
    Digital: David Gilroy, Andrew Gray
    Academic Director: Dr Robert Rosenfeld


    If you have a general enquiry, your first point of contact is Suzanne Rozario on +44 (0)208 815 5700